Find Out How Your Brewery Can Save on Energy Costs

August 6th, 2021 • by David Bennis
David Bennis

David Bennis

David Bennis is the Eastern NY Director of Sales for Marathon Energy, a leading energy services company with offices in Queens and Syracuse New York. Local to the Hudson Valley and it’s growing beer trail, David specializes in commercial energy helping many businesses reduce their yearly aggregate costs on the supply of their electric and gas. He has consulted and advised for numerous restaurants and breweries, guiding them through up & down market conditions and developing customized energy plans to ensure maximized savings. As a true energy advisor, David has a direct focus on price management, demand balancing, NYS green energy plans, customized market analysis, and energy consumption initiatives.

Positive Energy on Tap

Did you know that annually, breweries in the United States spend over $200 million on energy? And when it comes to producing the beer itself, 35% of a brewery’s electricity costs can be spent on refrigeration!

As a successful business owner, you already know that energy costs can fluctuate greatly, leaving you with an unknown cost on your energy bill each month. The price for energy can increase as much as 50% depending on usage, time of year, and market price. But many businesses default to using their local utility company for their electricity and natural gas, not realizing that they have a choice about who can supply their energy.

That was the case for Mill House Brewing Company in Poughkeepsie, New York –  they were using their default electricity and natural gas service from the local utility company without knowing they had a choice – making it increasingly difficult to anticipate and plan for consistent energy costs.

Enter Marathon Energy.

After a full analysis of their historical energy usage and spend, a Marathon Energy advisor developed a comprehensive fixed energy plan that locked in both electricity and natural gas costs – resulting in an 11% discount on electricity supply costs and 26% discount on their natural gas supply. Cheers to that!

A customized energy pricing strategy can positively impact breweries across the entire state of New York. From Queens to North Hudson, Utica to Buffalo, we have energy advisors implementing strategies unique to each brewery’s energy needs. Just ask our good friend and customer Paul Halayko of Newburgh Brewing Company.