Creating a Guest-Centric Brewery Experience to Increase Tabs & Tips

August 13th, 2021 • by Mike Student
Mike Student

Mike Student

A lifelong New Englander, Mike Student represents Arryved POS all across the east coast as their Senior Sales Associate. He was once a brewery partner, but altered career paths by choosing to dedicate his time helping craft destinations provide the best service possible. When MIke’s not talking beer or wine, he’s probably lounging on a beach with a margarita in hand.

Photo of Sedona Beer Company, Arryved POS customer, by Bisetti Photography.

Craft breweries are created by visionaries who craft their products and experience, from just a novelty to a destination. They are always pushing the boundaries of what they can do to enhance their guest’s experience to keep them coming back for more. So why shouldn’t their point-of-sale (POS) system do the same, shifting from just a transaction behind the counter to a guest-centric experience?

Shift to Survive and What’s Next?

COVID-19 was devastating to the food-and-beverage industry and shone a harsh light on limitations of the traditional, stationary POS system. It forced craft breweries to search for new solutions that would help give their guests the opportunity to order online, provide curbside pickup and even deliver right to their guest’s door.

They had to adapt quickly and learn new processes and technology in a time where they were just looking to survive. And now that we’re on the tail end of the pandemic, what’s next? Where do craft brewers go from here? Continue to use their stationary POS with a mix of an ecommerce store, then a spreadsheet to manually reconcile the numbers at the end of every month?

Enter point-of-service (POS):

A system built specifically for the craft food-and-beverage service industry. It blends cloud-based technology with your staff’s service to provide all the data your management team needs, in the real-time, to inform minute-by-minute decisions as guests revel in a customer-driven experience.

This is the new level of guest-centric service servers deserve:

  • 25% higher tabs when guests open tabs and order on their devices verses using staff
  • 20% labor cost-to-revenue achieved by focusing on order time versus purchase time data
  • 10.3% higher guest spend with personalized staff recommendations
  • 6% higher tips when guests open tabs and order on their devices
    • Averaging a 22% tip using a mobile device versus a 16% tip
  • 35% tip increase when guests close out tabs on their devices versus using a server

A reliable and secure POS also continues to empower your marketing, sales, distribution and operations with the data needed to make real-time decisions. It enhances your loyalty programs, to continue to reward those guests who come in week after week, without adding more work to your team.

But it’s important to note:

No POS system will ever replace your valued staff. Instead a mobile, cloud-based POS allows guests to direct their own experiences and frees your staff of administrative tasks to deepen their guest relationships  and earn higher tips and tabs.

The bottom line of a point-of-service?

Larger tabs, better tips and greater profit margins. So don’t let your competition get a leg up! Learn more about the key benefits your POS system should have to embrace a true point-of-service model that increases your bottom line here.