About Us

New York’s craft breweries are not only a source of local pride, but they create jobs and drive tourism in every corner of the state. No state has done more to assist and promote craft manufacturing than New York, because we know that when our businesses succeeds, all of New York succeeds. – Governor Andrew Cuomo


The New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA) is a 501 (c)6  and was founded in 2003 to serve as a promotional and legislative proponent for New York State breweries, microbreweries, farm breweries, brewpubs and brewing affiliated businesses. The growth of the Craft Beer segment continues to be strong and New York State’s share of that growth has exceeded that of breweries on the national level.

¹ New York State Brewers Association
² The Stonebridge Research Group
² The Brewers Association 2013
³ The Brewers Association New Brewer Industry Review 2013

The outlook for breweries in New York State remains strong with more breweries-in-planning than ever, continued barrelage increases and growth in distribution in and out of state. In addition, with tremendous support from Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislators throughout the State, breweries in New York are enjoying great success and are poised to continue making great beer, increase market share, and create more jobs.

NYSBA Mission
Promote, protect and educate about the culture and business of New York State breweries

NYSBA Objectives

NYSBA Committees

Executive Committee – Fred Matt (President), Chris Ericson (VP/Treasurer), Rich Vandenburgh (Secretary), David Katleski (1st Past President)

Governance Committee – Ethan Cox (Chair), Robin Ottaway, Rich Vandenburgh

Government Affairs – David Katleski (Chair), John Rubbo, Doug Campbell,

Technical/Quality – Kevin Mullen (Chair) Joe Bustos, Rich Michaels, Hutch Kugeman,

Finance Committee – Chris Ericson (Chair), Rich Vandenburgh, Chris Spinelli, Sofia Barbaresco, Ethan Cox,

Marketing/Events – Nikki Cavanaugh (Chair), Jeremy Cowan, John Carr, David Katleski, Marshall Thompson,

Competition Committee – Chris Spinelli (Chair), Ethan Cox, Hutch Kugeman,

Draft Quality – Nikki Cavanaugh (Chair), Ethan Cox, Kevin Mullen,

Farm Brewing – Kristen Lyons (Chair), Chris Hanson, Steve Miller (Cornell), Tim Garman, Randy Lacey, Carrie Blackmore, Mark James (Farm Bureau), Rich Vandenburgh, Jason Sahler, Justin O’Dea (Cornell), Aaron MacLeod (Hartwick), Jason Havens