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Why do I have a MembershipWorks account?

The NYSBA uses the MembershipWorks platform to manage brewery and allied memberships. The platform gives you control over your account and membership profile. Your membership profile is accessible from the Directory.

What can I include in my profile?

You are highly encouraged to add your company logo, tag line, description and images. Allied members can also offer exclusive deals. Deals are indicated with a price tag symbol in the lower right corner of the account tile in the Directory.

How do I log into my account for the first time?

NOTE: If the email address you have attempted to log-in with did not work, your email address is likely not associated with your account. You will need to be added by the primary account holder or the NYSBA. If you don’t know who the primary account holder is, email

How do I add additional contacts to my account?

NOTE: Be sure to include positions of contacts so that information can be sent to the correct person in your organization.

How do I add a company logo to my account?

What is the difference between a Primary Account Holder and Contact?

The primary account holder is the main contact for the account and has access to the entire account profile. Contacts are additional company representatives who can receive correspondence and be listed in the account profile. Contacts do not have access to control the account. Only the primary account holder can update the profile, update membership and change company information.

Who do I contact with membership and login questions?

Email if you need assistance with your account.