Interested in operating a brewery in New York State?

The resource links below should help you navigate the government waters a little easier. Also, membership to the NYSBA gives you access to fellow brewers in our members only log-in section, so you can ask specific questions of peers who have gone through the process.

Where to start to open a brewery in New York State

Common FAQ’s for Beverage Businesses

How to apply for a Farm Brewery License

State Liquor Authority Handbook for Retail Licensees

Understanding different Brewery Licenses

Market Permit for off-site beer consumption

Farm Brewery License Law

Alcohol Beverage Control Law

Brewery License Forms

Federal License TTB Application

TTB Workers Comp Waiver Request for breweries with 1-2 Executive Officers

Alcoholic Beverage Tax Information

Department of Taxation and Finance information 

Beer Production Tax Credit Information