The legalities and logistics of operating a brewery vary state by state. Below are quick link resources for NYS craft brewery owners and operators.

State Liquor Authority


Getting Started

Where to start to open a brewery in New York State

Common FAQ’s for Beverage Businesses


Farm Brewery License Law

Understanding different Brewery Licenses

How to apply for a Farm Brewery License

State Liquor Authority Handbook for Retail Licensees

Brewery License Forms

Brand Label Registration Info

Delinquent (C.O.D.) List

Adding a license to an existing license form (combined license)


Market Permit for off-site beer consumption

Alcohol Beverage Control Law

Federal License TTB Application

TTB Workers Comp Waiver Request for breweries with 1-2 Executive Officers


Alcoholic Beverage Tax Information

Department of Taxation and Finance information 

Beer Production Tax Credit Information

Beer Manufacturer Tax Exemption Info

Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Equipment Info

Tax Exemption for Manufacturing Equipment Form


A Recipe for Intellectual Property Protection

NYS Sexual Harassment Policy and Law

Regional Info

Suffolk County Craft Beverage Info Page

General Info

TTB Label Info

TTB Guidelines for brewing with Cannabis/THC/CBD/Hemp 

Dept. of Tax and Finance Beverage Container Deposit Info