The legalities and logistics of operating a brewery vary state by state. Below are quick link resources for NYS craft brewery owners and operators.

State Liquor Authority


Getting Started

Where to start to open a brewery in New York State

Common FAQ’s for Beverage Businesses


Farm Brewery License Law

Understanding different Brewery Licenses

How to apply for a Farm Brewery License

State Liquor Authority Handbook for Retail Licensees

Brewery License Forms

Brand Label Registration Info

Delinquent (C.O.D.) List

Adding a license to an existing license form (combined license)


Market Permit for off-site beer consumption

Alcohol Beverage Control Law

Federal License TTB Application

TTB Workers Comp Waiver Request for breweries with 1-2 Executive Officers


Alcoholic Beverage Tax Information

Department of Taxation and Finance information 

Beer Production Tax Credit Information

Beer Manufacturer Tax Exemption Info


A Recipe for Intellectual Property Protection

NYS Sexual Harassment Policy and Law

Regional Info

Suffolk County Craft Beverage Info Page

General Info

TTB Label Info

TTB Guidelines for brewing with Cannabis/THC/CBD/Hemp 

Dept. of Tax and Finance Beverage Container Deposit Info