The Official NYS Craft Beer App

In 2017 we launched The Official New York Craft Beer App so craft beer enthusiasts could find every brewery in the state in just 2 clicks. The free app also incentivizing users to visit New York State Breweries with a passport rewards program. 

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We were the first state guild in the country to have an app like this and today we are proud to say that we have over 40,000 downloads with a 92% user rate. In fact, over 228,000 passport stamps have been claimed year to date, translating to a 1.5 million dollar economic impact if each user spent just $7 per brewery visited.


Every brewery in the state has a profile on the app – allowing users to discover news, events, & deals at your brewery. It’s up to YOU to populate your profile with this information, the more robust that your profile is on the app, the more business that you’ll generate!

Customize Your Profile With:

Use the official Brewery User Guide to assist you in updating your profile.

You can log into your profile via the Local Explorers portal (formerly Craftbeer Monkey) at

If you do not know what your login credentials are or have any questions, contact