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New York State is the 2nd largest craft beer market in the US with more than 500 licensed breweries. The New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA) is a non-for-profit 501(c) organization that works to unify, propel, and protect the craft beer industry in NY through legislative advocacy, education, and promotion.

Join the NYSBA, and our brewery & Allied business partners in working together in building a vibrant craft beer culture in New York State! Become a Member Today.

All Brewery Membership levels grant membership status to you and your staff.

Dues Tier Calculator

NYSBA Brewery dues are calculated using your sales number from the previous calendar year. Please provide your previous year’s sales numbers in BBLs.



Sexual Harassment Compliance

Every employer in New York State is required to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy. The NYSBA has an exclusive relationship with WeVow for this service and for tracking and responding to reported incidents of sexual harassment. Contact us for the discount code to receive 30% off monthly membership.

Healthcare Program

We’re proud to provide to NYSBA members only, a health care program with our sponsoring member Acrisure of NY (formerly Signature B&B Companies).

There are many affordable options to choose from whether it’s for your entire brewery or just a few members of your staff.

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Workers Compensation Safety Group

The NYSBA and Gilroy Kernan Gilroy have collaborated to form a proposed Workers Compensation Safety Group, which is an exclusive benefit to NYSBA members.

Workers Compensation is a statutory coverage breweries must secure to protect their employees. Standard market pricing is inconsistent and no dominant insurance carrier for this type of protection exists in NY. This program is designed to be competitive. As the program matures, the potential for the group to earn a dividend is an additional cost saving benefit. 

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Crowd Sourced Funding Program

Mainvest and the New York State Brewers Association have partnered to support the local craft brewery ecosystem by allowing the community to invest directly into local breweries while providing access to capital for craft beer entrepreneurs across New York State.

Mainvest has helped over 350 small businesses, and over 50 craft breweries, across America access capital to maintain and grow their small businesses, providing local communities with great food, beer, jobs, wealth building opportunities, and spaces that support and build community. Through Mainvest’s innovative platform, anyone to become an investor in their community, investing with as little as $100.

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Use of Think NY, Drink NY® Trademark

Member breweries have the right and are encouraged to use the Think New York, Drink New York® badge on all glassware, menus, labels and cans. The more the mark is used, the easier it is for consumers to recognize and support NYS craft beer.