Sewage, Brewage – Wastewater used in brewing beer

June 6th, 2016 • by Alison Torbitt

Sewage, Brewage – Wastewater used in brewing beer

• by Alison Torbitt

Wastewater reuse is becoming increasingly common for irrigation, dust suppression, industrial cooling, groundwater recharge… and now, for brewing. While there remains some significant regulatory hurdles (if not, state-wide prohibitions on selling), some innovative breweries are busy experimenting, using treated wastewater as a substitute for potable water. Water usage and wastewater disposal are both significant production […]

New Federal Law Increases Protections for Brewery Trade Secrets

May 20th, 2016 • by Chip Grieco

Trade secrets have become the lifeblood of just about every industry in the United States – including every sector of the beer industry, both large and small. So what exactly is a trade secret? It is the confidential and commercially valuable information that provides your company with a competitive advantage. Familiar examples of trade secret […]