PEACE LOVE BEER & Music Festival

PEACE LOVE BEER & Music Festival

AUG 14, 15, 16

3 Days of Peace, Love, Beer, & Music to support New York State Craft Beer.

Taking place on the 51st anniversary weekend of the original Woodstock event, the PEACE LOVE BEER & Music Festival is a celebration of New York State craft beer and the extended community of musicians and artists. Over the course of three days, enthusiasts will enjoy the shared experience only music can provide while also helping to raise money for the NYS craft beer industry and NYSBA.


There are 2 primary ways your brewery can participate,

You can also participate by providing brewery content and/or by selling co-branded event merch at your brewery.

Live-streaming will take place during the following times, 

Friday, Aug 14th, 5 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, Aug 15th, 2 PM – 10 PM
Sunday, Aug 16th, 2 PM – 8 PM


Consumers can find a list of participating breweries, the music lineup, collaboration availability, event merch, and passes (donation basis), on the event webpage at


The NYSBA is working with Break the Ice Media to get national & regional press for the statewide event. It will also be heavily promoted over the course of the month on the NYSBA’s social media pages and newsletters.

Click the link below to sign up today! Or, continue reading to learn more about each portion of the event and sign up à la carte.



Live Streaming Music – We invite you to host a musical performance at your brewery the weekend of the event and live-stream it from one of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube) for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you prefer not to host live music at your brewery you can still participate by live-streaming a musical performance remotely on one of your social media accounts. The NYSBA will provide you with tips & instructions for streaming.

We will create and promote the statewide musical lineup on so that consumers can tune in virtually all weekend long or go visit breweries and enjoy the music in-person.

All you need to do to signup is provide us with the following information.

You are responsible for,


We invite breweries across the state to brew the “Summer of Love” New York State Collaboration Beer for enthusiasts to sip and enjoy during the 3-day long event while also raising funds for the NYS craft beer industry and NYSBA. There are no restrictions on the style of beer, breweries are encouraged to express their creativity and fun-loving spirit when it comes to brewing this groovy beer.


The NYSBA has designed label artwork for you to use and has provided two template sizes, 7.5×5″ and 8×5″. You are responsible for updating the template with the specified information, submitting it to the SLA, and ordering the labels. If you need assistance, contact


We ask that you donate $1 from every pint/16oz can sold to the NYSBA.


The NYSBA will promote the statewide collaboration release and provide a list of participating breweries on If you would like your brewery to be promoted as a participating brewery click the button below.


We invite you to share your stories about craft beer and music by providing us with pre-recorded brewery content. This could include virtual brewery tours, interesting stories, brewery folklore, craft beer edutainment, whatever you think people would be interested in! Did you go to the original Woodstock, or do you know anyone who did? Please send us a video or reach out to use to schedule a Zoom interview, we’d love to hear!

Send brewery content to


We invite you order special edition co-branded event merch to sell at your brewery from our allied partners at A&P master images.