Crowd Sourcing with Mainvest

Mainvest and the New York State Brewers Association have partnered to support the local craft brewery ecosystem by allowing the community to invest directly into local breweries while providing access to capital for craft beer entrepreneurs across New York State.

Mainvest has helped over 350 small businesses, and over 50 craft breweries, across America access capital to maintain and grow their small businesses, providing local communities with great food, beer, jobs, wealth building opportunities, and spaces that support and build community. Through Mainvest’s innovative platform, anyone to become an investor in their community, investing with as little as $100.

Anyone interested in raising funds for their brewery or signing up to be alerted of new investment opportunities in NYS breweries can sign up on the “Investing in New York Craft Beer” landing page.

WATCH: “Investing in New York Craft Beer” webinar with Mainvest