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The New York State Brewers Association needs the help of every brewery and brewpub in the state as well as beer lover and business that support the craft beer industry. Together we are building a vibrant craft beer culture in New York State!

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Member Levels and Benefits

Small New York State Brewery – $250

(annual production less than 2,500 bbl.)

Mid to Large New York State Brewery – $250 plus .10 per bbl. with a cap of $5,000

(annual production more than 2,501 bbl. and above)

Brewery-In-Planning – $200

(non-voting membership level)

Allied Member – $500 

(non-voting – includes retailers, suppliers, event producers, vendors, etc.)

Wholesaler/Distributor Member (Basic) – $1000

(non-voting membership level)

Wholesaler/Distributor Member (Advanced) – $2500

(non-voting membership level)

Enthusiast Member – $45 

(non-voting membership level)

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Why All NYS Brewers Should Join the Association

  1. The 2014 Craft New York Act  The passage of the Craft Act not only continues to remove red tape in the licensing process, but most importantly, allows all manufacturers of beer in NYS to sell by the glass in their tasting rooms which will significantly add to the bottom line of many NYS breweries.
  2. Passage of the Franchise Law (55c)  New York State brewers producing less then 300,000 bbls. annually, or 3% of the distributors total annual brand sales, may terminate their contract provided that the brewer pays the distributors Fair Market Value for terminating the contract – arbitration decides fair market value disputes. We are the only state in the country that has this thanks to the NYSBA and our work with the NYS Beer Wholesalers.
  3. Protecting a Vital Tax Benefit  Any brewery that produces 60 million or fewer gallons of beer in New York will now be eligible for a refundable tax credit applied against New York State personal income and business taxes. The credit is worth 14 cents per gallon for the first 500,000 gallons produced in New York, and 4.5 cents per gallon for the next 15 million gallons produced in the State. These tax credits will help encourage the continued expansion of New York’s craft brewing industry, which already consists of more than 175 breweries, accounts for thousands of jobs and supports more than $2.2 billion of economic activity each year. Under a previous law, small brewers in New York received an excise tax exemption, but the legal structure of the exemption was challenged, leading to its repeal.
  4. Reduction or Removal of Fees – The NYSBA fought to remove fees for such things as “Vat To Tap” fees, Brand Label fees and Sampling Licenses. What you have saved on these is much more than the current dues.
  5. Legislative and Policy Protection  The bottom line is, the NYSBA acts as one coherent and powerful voice representing the craft brewing industry in New York State as well as nationally in Washington DC. The relationships that have been built over the years are a direct result of an open and active NYSBA.
  6. The Small BREW Act  With the new 114 Congress coming into session in 2015, we will once again work with the Brewers Association to focus on a reduction of the Federal Excise Tax as well as recruit NYS Congressional members to join the Small Brewers Caucus. The Small BREW Act seeks to reduce the small brewer federal excise tax rate on the first 60,000 barrels by 50 percent (from $7.00 to $3.50/barrel) and institute a new rate of $16.00 per barrel on beer production above 60,000 barrels up to 2 million barrels. Breweries with an annual production of 6 million barrels or less would qualify for these tax rates.
  7. Farm Brewing  The NYSBA helped create the existence of a Farm Brewery license, which is now up to nearly 70 licenses. If you’re a farm brewery, this should be reason enough.
  8. Increasing Market Share – The growth of market share for NYS brewers is small, but growing. Currently 5.5% of the beer consumed in NYS is made here, What if 10% was made here? Membership support can help make this happen with initiatives like our Think New York, Drink New York campaign debuting in 2015.
  9. Follow the Leaders  The wine industry has made great strides over the years both legislatively and winery growth (over 470 wineries in NYS). They’ve managed to accomplish this by showing a unified front. The vast majority of wineries support their association, and with that support, the Wine and Grape Foundation has been able to pave a very powerful and profitable path for the rest of the craft beverage segments in NYS.


How is the money used?

Our dues are still among the least expensive in the country. On average, breweries in other states pay a minimum of $500 per year and in some cases up to $40,000 per year.

The NYSBA employs 2 full-time staff: Executive Director, Paul Leone and Membership and Events Coordinator, Donna Fennimore. Both work tirelessly to run the organization and support the brewery members through any type of issue.

In addition to staff, NYSBA works with 2 contractors to help advance the organization: Lobbyist, Ray Meier and Head of Partnerships, Meghan Connolly Haupt.

Ray Meier is a former State Senator and currently a lawyer for Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC. Ray’s deep connections in Albany and knowledge of the craft beer industry allows the Association easier access to advocate for craft beer and continue to promote and pass laws that remove impediments to our growth.

Meghan Connolly Haupt implements and activates our partnership and sponsorship programs which generate a large portion of the operating funds. Our organization is also strengthened by the caliber of the businesses who have demonstrated a commitment to the industry in working with the Association at a higher level.

Dues alone cannot support the NYSBA. We produce 3 brewers festivals that serve as primary fundraisers and1 industry conference each year. These events require upfront capital and significant staff time but ultimately benefit the Association by raising awareness and funds. Being an NYSBA member is required to participate in the festivals.

How does membership benefit my brewery directly?

Since 2013, the NYSBA has worked to advance the brewing industry in New York State. If you operate a new brewery, you can thank the NYSBA for helping to make that possible through the many laws that have been changed to date, fees that have been either reduced or eliminated, and the relationships that have been forged along the way with Albany.

All NYSBA members get exclusive opportunities to participate in events throughout the state. Many of these opportunities offer invaluable marketing opportunities that can add to your bottom line.

Knowing that you are part of an extremely important association…YOUR association. Your membership helps us continue all of the great work we’ve accomplished so far, AND you will have a direct voice that can further effect change. NYSBA members have voting rights to elect NYSBA Board members, and it allows you to become a future Board member yourself if you’d like to be nominated.

Bottom Line

The NYSBA worked to pass legislation that saved thousands of dollars for every brewery in New York State, making past, current, and future membership dues paid to the NYSBA money well spent. A well-funded and unified New York State Brewers Association makes for a very powerful organization that can continue to work on your behalf, so that the industry can continue to be strong a profitable for everyone.