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Live Music

As specified in the SLA’s most recent guidance, Concerts and live music (and other) events are not permissible presently. Dining is. You can have music while you dine. But people should not be coming for the music, they should be coming for the dining. If the point of the music is to draw a crowd, it is not permissible. If the point of the music is to create a nice dining environment, it is.

Original email sent to all manufacturers:

We would like to take a moment to remind licensees (that may have the privilege of providing entertainment) of what has currently been deemed safe in terms of live entertainment.  Currently, only incidental music performances are safe and permissible.  Incidental music is non-ticketed, unadvertised performances that accompany and are incidental to a dining experience; i.e., patrons have come to dine, and the music provided is incidental to the dining experience.   Performers must be 12 foot separate from patrons.  This is the only form of permissible live entertainment.  Any other type of event (concerts, dance, comedy, etc.) is not incidental and is therefore impermissible at this time for health and safety reasons.  Performing arts guidance has not yet been issued by the Department of Health.

If you would like to provide incidental music, please also take a moment to note whether your license allows for such.  An on premises license may provide incidental music so long as  the type of music is explicitly permissible on the license certificate.  A manufacturing license may provide incidental music unless the license certificate explicitly prohibits it.  Note as well that karaoke is not presently permitted for reasons of health and safety.  

We hope that this helps to clarify your privileges and responsibilities.  If you have any further questions, please consult the existing DOH and SLA Guidances. 


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Governor’s Mandate – New York State Liquor Authority Guidance On Requirement that Licensees With On-Premises Service Privileges Serve Food with Alcoholic Beverages

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The NYSBA has designed a series of reopening signs for NYS breweries. Our allied partner, Dupli, has created a webpage for you to order larger size prints at an discounted price. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the NYSBA. You can also download and print the signs on your own.



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