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Why are clean tap system important?

The New York State Brewers Association understands the importance of clean tap systems in order to deliver the beer to the consumer that the brewers  intended when the beer left their breweries. When the beer leaves the brewery, it’s fresh and ready for consumption, however, by the time it gets to the consumer, it’s shipped, stored, transported, moved, and finally tapped. Unfortunately all of this, combined with temperature changes throughout the process, can have adverse effects on the beer. The good news is that many breweries and distributers take great care of their beer before it gets to your glass, the bad news is, if the tap lines at your establishment of choice have not been maintained and cleaned, all of that care is for not.

A properly maintained tap system should be cleaned every two weeks to ensure the beer being poured is not contaminated by bacteria, mold, and other contaminants that can leave off-flavors in your beer. Unfortunately this happens more than you think, and in the end, the consumer blames the beer, not the unclean tap system for the problem.

Here are just a few examples of what can happen if tap systems are not properly or regulary cleaned…and remember, your beer is potentially going through this, and you don’t even know it:

Coroded Sankey Muddy Lines Bacteria filled plunger Clogged nasty faucet

The NYSBA Draft Quality Program was created to ensure the beer in your glass is of the quality it was when it left the brewery. Quality is priority #1 to us, and ensuring clean draft systems around the state, and promoting those establishments on this site, will help to ensure that NYS beer is the best it can be before you take your first sip.

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Why The Program is Important


Hall of Shame Video…imagine your beer passing through this:


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