Reopening Guidelines for NYS Craft Breweries

New York State Brewers Association Un-PAUSE NY Proposal

To facilitate the full reopening of breweries in the safest manner possible, the New York State Brewers Association pledges that breweries will adhere to the measures below for inclusion in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Blueprint to Un-PAUSE New York.  These measures would be in addition to those requirements and parameters the Governor has already set by Executive Order for essential businesses.  Existing measures include allowing for curbside pickup, delivery and shipping of beer and requiring all persons in public to wear a face mask when not able to adhere to social distancing rules.

Surface Cleaning Protocols:

Employee Safety Measures:

Measures to Keep People at Least Six Feet Apart

Facility Management:

Customer Contact:

Breweries have been effectively practicing safe social distancing and sanitation procedures since the beginning of the NY on Pause order began.  They are prepared today to open with the above guidelines and rules to ensure the welfare of the public and their staff are firmly in place.  The New York State Brewers Association has collected signatures from breweries throughout the State who have agreed to adhere to both the above protocols and the attached “Checklist for Reopening Guide” published by the national Brewers Association.  Enclosed, please find the signatures of breweries throughout New York agreeing to adhere to such policies.

By signing this form I affirm that my brewery is ready to reopen with the proper guidelines in place to safegaurd the health and well-being of employees, customers, and surrounding community.

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