Private Virtual Tasting Experience

Hosted by the New York State Brewers Association

Presented by a NYS Craft Brewery

Beer has played a powerful role in society…it has been a tool for socialization, innovation, economic stability and sustenance. No other beverage has contributed to history more than beer.

Private Virtual Tasting Experiences are entertaining and intimate events whereby participants receive two exclusive beers (totaling 64 oz.) from New York State Breweries delivered to their doorstep in advance of attending a unique online 90-minute Zoom presentation.

NYSBA staff hosts and moderates these online sessions ensuring professional use of the technology and guiding the conversation so that all participants are engaged.


The Virtual Tasting Experiences typically focus on one of two topics:

Brewery Tour – Participants receive a “private tour” of the presenting brewery, hear stories about the brewery, discover how beers are made, learn about the 2 beers they received and ask questions of the brewery presenter.

History of Craft Beer – Participants gain an appreciation for the nuances of tasting beers and understand the often-subtle complexities of various beer styles. They will discover the fascinating history of beer plus learn about emerging industry trends.


NYSBA will be compensated $65 per participant with a minimum of $1500 (25 participants). The fee is decreased to $60 per participant for events of 100 people or more. The fee covers staff time to produce and host the event, 64 oz. of beer per participant (2 x 32 oz. per style), packaging and shipping of the beer.

Swag Bag Add-on – Clients of the Private Virtual Tasting Experience can choose to add on a New York Craft Beer swag bag to be sent to all event participants for an additional $30 per person. Drawstring canvas backpacks include a Think NY, Drink NY cap, sticker, and enamel pin.


Events can be customized to best need the needs of our clients. While we recommend 90-minute sessions, events can be expanded or condensed as needed. We can also accommodate our clients by combining the topic options and / or increasing the beer offering.

Participant information is due to the NYSBA no later than 2 weeks in advance of the event date so that breweries have time to produce, package and ship the beer. For events of more than 50 participants, a longer lead time may be required.

The NYSBA cannot guarantee the specific involvement of any breweries. Only breweries that have the capacity to participate and the experience to present are selected.

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