Master Tasting Experience

The idea of sharing one vessel of beer with multiple straws is thought to have been ritualistic and a universal symbol of friendship. The sharing of beer in this way may also have been a demonstration of trust. The act of toasting is a modern representation of the ancient concept of community fostered by beer.

Discover more about the fascinating history of beer plus learn about emerging industry trends in this 2-hour experience presented by the New York State Brewers Association.

These workshops, designed for 50 people, walk participants through the vibrant past of craft beer and include a guided tasting of 6 distinct New York Craft beers. We’ll discuss the nuances of tasting and explain the sometimes subtle complexities among various beer styles. Participants are sure to have a great time sharing and learning together.

Participants will leave as Master Tasters with a greater appreciation for the beverage that was once considered the bond that connected humans to the gods.

The Master Tasting Experience is fun, informative, safe and a unique opportunity way to bring people together and is even a terrific event for those who don’t enjoy drinking beer. Book now as a sales incentive, team building event, relationship building tool with key customers and more.

Booking fee includes:

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