Folding Beer Carton Packaging Helps Breweries Standout

October 15th, 2021 • by Sam VanStraten
Sam VanStraten

Sam VanStraten

For the past six years with Belmark inc, Sam VanStraten has worked closely with craft beer customers and designers developing their packaging. He offers guidance and education on how to capitalize on art elements to bring additional splash and attention-grabbing components to their packaging while protecting their bottom line.

B.Y.O.P. – “Bring Your Own Packaging” might not catch on in pop culture vocabularies, but it’s a familiar idea for brands. With craft brewers making up nearly a quarter of the beer market share in the United States, competition is intense; according to research, 71% of craft beer consumers decide which product to buy at the point of purchase. The good news is that 66% of customers say that a beer’s package or label is “very” or “extremely” important in capturing their attention – in other words, it’s an opportunity to up your game and catch the attention and curiosity of customers in the grocery store aisles.

This is where partnering with experts in packaging comes in. You need a partner who can create labels and packaging that represent your unique craft, while offering the speed and service you need to grow your business. Not all beer is created equal and the same is true of packaging companies.

Find out how you can set your craft beer apart with folding beer carton packaging.