Bespoke Shuttles Can Help Breweries Bounce Back

May 14th, 2021 • by Casie Wilson
Casie Wilson

Casie Wilson

Casie Wilson is a content specialist and one of many craft beer lovers at National Charter Bus. We provide travel groups stress-free transportation solutions throughout NYC and beyond.

In the wake of the pandemic, small businesses have had to scale back across multiple industries—including many New York breweries. So with 2021 taking a turn for the better, how do you know which investments are smart ones for your brewery going forward?

While your first thoughts may venture to scenario budgets and inventory management, one often-overlooked investment may improve your business in the long run: a private shuttle service.

Companies that want to grant their patrons an immersive and comfortable experience should consider reserving a New York bus rental for many reasons. For one thing, it’s one of the simplest ways to shuttle customers between parking lots, taprooms, and nearby hotels. And once beer festivals are back in full swing, merrymakers will have a direct ride between the festival grounds and your brewery, bringing you more business than ever.

Having a brewery shuttle service streamlines your patrons’ arrivals and departures. So rather than leaving the transportation to the whims of rideshare availabilities or when your guests decide to arrive, your business can better manage tours and tastings with predictable timetables.

Setting up a shuttle program means you’ll have a bespoke bus that can carry 18 to 56 passengers at a time, as well as the ability to create custom itineraries. That means that whether your business needs everyday rides between popular attractions or a specialty shuttle for a networking event, a shuttle will be there—ready to roll on a route you tell it to follow and on a schedule that works for your brewery.

But beyond the logistical advantages, establishing a brewery shuttle service is an easy way to show your customers you care about their safety and comfort. Studies show that motorcoaches are some of the safest vehicles available, and with a certified professional bus driver at the wheel, your patrons won’t need to operate a vehicle or elect a DD after having a few drinks. And with on-the-road perks a charter bus can provide, your passengers can scroll through their social feeds with onboard WiFi, take advantage of onboard restrooms, and stash personal belongings in storage bins before showing up at your place of business.

Bus rental rates are dependent on a variety of factors (the average number of passengers, miles traveled, time of year, etc.), but establishing a long-term contract can save your brewery money, compared to only renting during festival season and your busiest times of the year. Rather than going through the process of reserving a coach whenever you expect a lot of foot traffic, you’ll already have your ideal motorcoach ready ad hoc.

If your New York brewery is looking for a leg up in 2021, consider investing in a shuttle service. Providing reliable transportation for patrons is a perk that can make your business stand out from the crowd and can keep your brewery running like clockwork.