Electronic Filing Now Available for Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return

January 19th, 2021 • by Kate Welc
Kate Welc

Kate Welc

Katherine R. Welc is a Principal with Mengel Metzger Barr & Co., LLP. As a leader in the Firm’s Agribusiness Industry Service Team, Kate has worked closely with numerous breweries and wineries throughout New York State.

New York State recently updated the Alcoholic Beverage Tax Return to allow for electronic filing beginning with returns due January 20, 2021. NYS has created the MT-456 which replaces the MT-50 but remains very similar in the required information needed and added fields that can be filled in electronically. Please note- you will first need to save the form to your computer before you begin filling in information, or else the data you input will not save.

To use the new electronic Web File system, you are only required to have a business online services account through New York. This account is free and does not involve the downloading of any software. The portal will walk you through filling out the return and you will be asked to upload your Schedules A and B if you are required to fill those out. You will also have the ability to pay your taxes online, although you are still able to file your return by mail and are not required to transition to electronic filing immediately.

Find more information about electronic filing online.