Why Breweries Need a Point of Service Not a Point of Sale

November 11th, 2020 • by Nicole Chamberlin
Nicole Chamberlin

Nicole Chamberlin

Nicole Chamberlin is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Arryved where she dedicates her time helping breweries, taprooms, brewpubs, cideries, and other craft destinations become more efficient with Arryved’s Point-of-Service. With 8+ years in sales, marketing, and management, she has a deep love of the hospitality industry and the community of craft makers she works with. Nicole has been known to enjoy a whiskey barrel-aged beer, but will never turn down a good ol’ Coors.

When you envision the ideal experience for your brewery guests, point of sale probably isn’t at the top of your list—it’s the impersonal, transactional finale to the craft adventure. What you want is a Point of Service, intuitive technology that connects the nuts and bolts of dining out with the hospitality craft drinkers have come to expect. 

A Point of Service opens the door for a flexible, welcoming, memorable experience.  It creates “contagious loyalists”—the individuals who will spread the good word and invite their friends and family to join in their loyalty. 

An Ecosystem of Possibilities

2020 and its shifting requirements have cemented the need to be flexible and adaptable as a business owner—there’s no telling what each day at the brewery will bring. Will people be able to come inside? How many people can be inside? Is food a requirement? How will guests close out while remaining distant? A Point of Service gives you the flexibility and confidence to take on any new rule while masterfully adapting to the unique needs of every person that enters your space. Digital menu boards, online solutions for ordering and payment, and your mobile POS are all connected within a Point of Service, making it easy for your guests to get their hands on your beer. All your inventory syncs from the same place, eliminating the need to update menus in multiple systems—saving you SO MUCH TIME. It even gives guests the luxury of safe, secure, and adaptable contactless transactions.

All The Data You Could Ever Need

Data matters—a lot—and if your finger isn’t on the pulse of your business at any given time, you could be missing out on maximum efficiency. A comprehensive system gives decision-makers access to data on the fly, providing immediate insight to sales numbers and labor costs. These insights will help you make the smartest staffing, service and event decisions to optimize efficiency, revenue and guest experience whether it’s a slow, snowy Monday or a hopping, blistering Saturday.

Scale And Grow

You want a flexible system that will adapt as you grow, give you the tools to do so, and provide the data you need to make informed decisions about that growth. A mobile Point of Service keeps every tab on every POS device, giving managers the ability to add or remove devices at any point since nothing is hard wired, and there’s no additional cost to do so. It even allows your staff to flex through different roles, from bar to floor, minimizing bodies and labor costs while maximizing guest experience.

Educate and WOW

Imagine a guest sitting at a table, talking to their server about your beer selection, and while still talking, the server enters a few tasters into the mobile POS in their hand. The order prints at the bar and within minutes a runner quietly drops them at the table. The conversation continues, uninterrupted, and your guest gets to taste and learn, a full-sensory experience. Your server had the opportunity to be the educated and product-focused person you hired.