Creating Fans While Promoting Your Brewery

March 2nd, 2020 • by Brian Merrell
Brian Merrell

Brian Merrell

Brian Merrell is the Promotional Division Manager for GY6 Promotions a division of SanzoTNT. As a former bar owner and entrepreneur, he understands the challenges and rewards of building a successful business. As a Promotional Marketing Agency, he has the ability to work with companies through Promotional marketing platforms that save customers time, money and helps them grow efficiently. Being passionate about the craft beer world is what has led Brian to take up home brewing for himself. Brian is also the founder of Beer Drop Club which is a social site that celebrates local Craft Breweries, Distilleries and Cideries.

You have built your Brewery, built your Brand, and have customers coming in and out on a regular basis.  You do all sorts of promotions including bands, special clubs, social events etc.  You have become the local rock stars.  So, how do we get these fans to promote your brewery brand?  The simple answer is through branded every day use items, specialty items and of course apparel.  Not just a T-shirt but items and apparel that is trendy and represents your culture.  Wait, you know what your breweries’ culture is right?

Your breweries’ culture is who your customers are.  It is what they do for a living, what they do when they are off the clock, and what is important to them.  Do they bring in pets? Meet up for games? You know what I mean.  Basically, find out what your customers wants, and likes are and yes cater to that.  This, along with great quality craft beer will create a raving fan base.  Ok, so maybe you already know all of this and this is nothing new.  How do you cost effectively, outfit your fans to help promote your brand?

I have worked with companies on unique events and campaigns like New Belgium, Jack Daniels, and Jägermeister.  Coming up with a couple simple inexpensive products that they paired with other products, really helped them drive home their campaigns.  However, the problem remains the same. Spending money upfront for these items.  You could use Etsy and platforms like that to manage product for you, but you still must post product and monitor the site.  There are companies that you can partner with, that offer services that will manage your inventory, create a special page or portal, and keep you up to date on trending brands and designs.  This is a way to have your customers have access to your branded items 24/7 and purchase them without the upfront out of pocket expense and not worry about where the inventory will be stored.  This leaves you the ability to focus directly on your business.

In her blog post called “Brewery Branding with a Limited Marketing Budget, Meghan Connolly Haupt says “Always be marketing. You and your staff are the best marketing vehicle you have. Take a few minutes each week or month of educate and inspire all staff on communicating your brand. Business cards are the cheapest form of advertising. Get a ton printed and hand them out to everyone you come into contact with. Wear branded gear when you are in large consumer settings. Consider gifting merchandise to enthusiastic customers or any fans with a large community of their own.”

She is so right.  Take it one step further, you are all over social media.  Promote your online presence for getting great branded gear that represents you and your business culture.