Positive Energy on Tap for NY Breweries

March 5th, 2019 • by David Bennis
David Bennis

David Bennis

David Bennis is the Eastern NY Director of Sales for Marathon Energy, a leading energy services company with offices in Queens and Syracuse New York. Local to the Hudson Valley and it’s growing beer trail, David specializes in commercial energy helping many businesses reduce their yearly aggregate costs on the supply of their electric and gas. He has consulted and advised for numerous restaurants and breweries, guiding them through up & down market conditions and developing customized energy plans to ensure maximized savings. As a true energy advisor, David has a direct focus on price management, demand balancing, NYS green energy plans, customized market analysis, and energy consumption initiatives.

U.S Breweries Spend Over $200 Million Annually On Energy

That number is staggering. More to the point, energy consumption can run up to 8% of the total production cost of beer, which makes efficiency a critical factor, especially in times of high energy price volatility. At Marathon Energy, we pride ourselves on working to minimize the impact of energy volatility. We realize utility costs are like an unavoidable hangover for breweries large and small. Our commercial advisors are wizards when it comes to customizing plans for your business, balancing supply costs with favorable price points and remarkable savings opportunities.

Micro Breweries, Major Expenses

Microbreweries often consume as much as twice the energy per barrel of finished product when compared with larger breweries, which not surprisingly results in more narrow profit margins, and more reasons to focus on energy efficiency.

The exact mix of electrical and thermal energy used in brewing varies based on the equipment, packaging employed, as well as size, age, layout, and location of the brewery. However, most electricity generally goes toward packaging and refrigeration, while most thermal energy (from natural gas or coal) goes toward the actual brewing process.

Clean Energy Today, For A Greener Tomorrow

Get Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Invest in green energy and rest assured knowing your electricity is generated from a renewable source with little to no carbon footprint, right here in New York.