Schedule for Nominating and Voting Procedures

October 1st : Nominations for Open District Board Seats.

October 21st: Nomination period closes.

October 23rd: NYSBA emails names of Nominated Candidates to all members of region voting and opens electronic voting until the first Tuesday of November.

November 7th: Voting closes at Midnight.

November 10th: Announcement of seat winners.

*The new board must have a conference call as soon as possible after the election to 1) produce At Large seat candidates and vote on open At-Large Seat (this year, seat), as well as to 2) elect officers (by agreement, they continue until declined, vacated, or a no-confidence vote is called)

November 27th: Governance Committee selects the candidate for open At-Large seat and advises Full Board of Directors.

On Or Before November 30: Board of Directors vote for and appoint At- Large member of board.

December 1st: NYSBA publishes names of newly elected Board Members and At-Large Appointee to full membership.