Copyright for Brewers Part I – Copyright Registration

October 26th, 2015 • by Brendan Palfreyman

Copyright for Brewers Part I – Copyright Registration

• by Brendan Palfreyman

Brewers are a creative bunch. Label artwork is a great example of this. From the gentleman with the hops exploding out of the top of his head that graces Heady Topper to the happy baby on every bottle of Founders Breakfast Stout, the craft beer world is full of iconic label art. These labels are […]

Tackling Those (Seemingly Exponential) Workers’ Compensation Costs – Step One: Don’t Just Accept It!

October 23rd, 2015 • by Mary Salamone

As you know well, the Workers’ Compensation governing class for New York State breweries (2121) has increased more than 74% since 2011. Why? Well, to put it (very) simply, the brewing industry in New York State has had substantial and costly workers’ compensation claims; that has, in turn, driven up the costs of coverage. So, […]

Contract Brewing vs. Alternating Brewery Proprietorship: Which One Is Right for You?

October 21st, 2015 • by Gina McCreadie

You’ve perfected several of your brews, but you realize that you do not have the ability to produce the volume necessary to take your brewery to the next level. Once you reach this point, you have two options: open your own brewery or contract with an existing brewery to produce your beer there. Depending on […]