How will you differentiate yourself?

November 25th, 2014 • by Ron Whipple
Ron Whipple

Ron Whipple

Ron Whipple is the Business Development Manager for Koch Container. Koch is one of nine BCI manufacturing facilities located in the US, two of which are located in New York. BCI is a 100% employee owned company. Ron has been in the Corrugated Packaging Industry for over 35 years, and at one point or another has been involved in every aspect of the business. Currently, he is concentrating his efforts in working with the Craft Brewers across New England, assisting with increased product visibility by adding more color, graphics and detail to their packaging. You can contact Ron at the following for more information.

Make Your Beer Stand Out

According to the Brewer’s Association, in 1994 there were less than 200 microbreweries in the US.  By the time 2012 rolled around there were over 1500.  In 2013 alone, 300 microbreweries opened nationally.  In 2011, New York State contained 75 microbreweries, and by 2013 was home to 165.  That is over a 200% increase in just two years.

Statistics also show that Craft beer accounts for 7.8% (153 million bbls) of all beer consumption nationally.  This is great news, as it grew by 17.2% in just one year!  Unfortunately, overall beer consumption in the US was down 1.9% (196 million bbls) in 2013.

Why do I state all these facts?  Let me explain.  The market is becoming more crowded, yet at the same time the consumer base is shrinking.  Your product needs to be noticed when it is put on the shelf with hundreds of other brands.  I’m sure that your beer is excellent, but that is difficult to determine without ever tasting it.  How is it going to get noticed?

The simple answer is your packaging.  Statistically, you have approximately 6.3 seconds or 15 feet to grab a consumer’s attention as they walk down a shopping aisle.  How does your product attract attention in such a short period of time?  Color.  The one element that stimulates our senses is color; it grabs our attention and draws us in.

As the Business Development Manager for Buckeye Corrugated Inc. (BCI) I can tell you that we have considerable experience working within the brewing industry and we understand the needs of the industry.  With our staff of Graphics Designers and Structural Engineers we can assist you to improve your graphics and help you to get noticed.  BCI has nine production facilities nationally, two of which are located right here in New York.

As an Associate/Allied member of the New York State Brewers Association we are here to help, so please feel free to contact me for more information to discuss the numerous graphics options available to get you noticed.