New York State Brewers Association Board Agreement

I, __________________ understand that as a member of the Board of Directors of the New York State Brewers Association, I have a legal, fiscal and moral responsibility to ensure that the NYSBA does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals. I believe in the purpose and the mission of the organization, and I will act responsibly and prudently as its steward.

 As a member of the board I will:

  • Interpret the organization’s work and values to the community, represent the organization, and act as a spokesperson
  • Listen carefully to my board colleagues
  • Respect the opinion of fellow board members
  • Respect and support majority decisions of the board
  • Recognize that all authority is vested in the full board only when it meets in legal sessions
  • Keep well-informed about developments relevant to issues that may come before the board
  • Will participate and attend all of our board meetings and understand that I may be relieved of board duties if I miss any
  • Will attend our yearly board meeting
  • Become actively involved in at least one committee
  • Support NYSBA events and initiatives through participation
  • Bring to the attention of the board any issues I believe will have an adverse effect on the organization or those we serve
  • Refer complaints to the proper level on the chain of command
  • Recognize that my job is to ensure that the organization is well-managed, not to manage the nonprofit
  • Represent all those whom this nonprofit serves, not just a particular geographic area or interest group
  • Consider myself a “trustee” of the nonprofit and do my best to ensure that it is well-maintained, financially secure, growing and always operating in the best interests of those we serve
  • Declare conflicts of interest between my personal life and my position on the board, and abstain from voting or discussion when appropriate

As a member of the board, I will not:

  • Criticize fellow board members or their opinions, in or out of the board room
  • Use the nonprofit organization for my personal advantage or that of my friends or relatives
  • Discuss the confidential proceedings of the board outside the board room
  • Promise before the meeting how I will vote on any issue
  • Interfere with the duties of the Executive Director or undermine the ED’s authority with staff

As a board member, I understand that the organization will be responsible to me in the following ways:

  • I will be sent, without request, financial reports and an update of organizational activities that allow me to meet the “prudent person” standards of the law. Further, I expect that I will have information about programs and policies, goals and objectives as appropriate.
  • Opportunities will be provided for me to discuss with the Executive Director and the Board President the organization’s programs, goals, activities and status.
  • It is expected that board members and the Executive Director will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions that I feel are necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal and moral responsibilities to the organization.
  • Board members and the E.D. will work in good faith with me towards achievement of our goals.
  • If the organization does not fulfill its commitments to me, I may call upon the Board President and E.D. to discuss the organization’s responsibilities to me.
  • The organization will carry directors and officers’ liability insurance.


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