Sponsorship allows a small group of companies to go beyond Allied Membership and gain invaluable access to one or both of the NYSBA audiences at the Official Sponsoring Partner level.

NYSBA Audiences

  • Breweries – There are approximately 350 breweries operating or in planning across New York State. Each year, NYSBA membership grows. About 10% of our members are producing more than 2500 bbl per annum.
  • Consumers – Through our events and online presence, NYSBA has deep relationships with craft beer enthusiasts. We reach a coveted market of Gen-Y, Gen-X and Millennials who are more educated, sophisticated, discerning and affluent than the general population.

To both of these groups, authenticity, quality and community matter. Our community is more likely to work with, patron, promote, and think positively of companies aligned with the NYSBA.

Sponsoring Partners receive category exclusivity as well as a suite of other benefits for annual terms. The base line sponsorship fee is $2500 and goes up depending on the desired benefits. Trade of services will only be considered when the services provided off-set an existing line item expense.

Possible Benefits

  • Naming rights for event segments
  • Appropriate on-site event integration (logo placement, signage, booths)
  • Branded presence in marketing materials
  • Positive online presence and brand integration (social media, newsletters, website)
  • Right to showcase technologies and products (demos, sampling)
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Access to unique hospitality experiences including VIP event passes

Additional Opportunities

  • Speaking – Allied Members are eligible to speak at NYSBA Brewers Conferences held the morning after each of our New York Craft Beer Festivals (Albany, Syracuse, Utica).
  • Blog Series – Allied Members are eligible to submit a series of 4 guest blog entries that are posted in the Brewers Blog and sent via email to our brewery list of nearly 1000 contacts.

More Information

We are seeking to work with companies that will help advance the mission of NYSBA and that will engage with us in a true spirit of collaboration for mutual benefit.

To learn about how your company can get involved, please download the Program Overview (PDF) or contact Meghan Connolly Haupt – meghan [at] newyorkcraftbeer.com.