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Sewage, Brewage – Wastewater used in brewing beer

Written by Alison Torbitt

By Alison Torbitt Wastewater reuse is becoming increasingly common for irrigation, dust suppression, industrial cooling, groundwater recharge… and now, for brewing. While there remains some significant regulatory hurdles (if not, state-wide prohibitions on selling), some innovative breweries are busy experimenting, using treated wastewater as a substitute for potable water. Water usage and wastewater disposal are […]

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Governor Cuomo announces legislation to modernize alcohol laws

Written by Isaac Figueras

On Wednesday, May 18, Governor Cuomo followed up on the recommendations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group by announcing new legislation to continue bolstering New York’s craft beverage industry by reworking parts of the Alcohol Beverage Control Law. The announcement was made from the Three Heads Brewery in Rochester, New York, a large-sized […]

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New Federal Law Increases Protections for Brewery Trade Secrets

Written by Chip Grieco

Trade secrets have become the lifeblood of just about every industry in the United States – including every sector of the beer industry, both large and small. So what exactly is a trade secret? It is the confidential and commercially valuable information that provides your company with a competitive advantage. Familiar examples of trade secret […]

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Make your brewery’s brand identity design a top priority

Written by Dailey Crafton

If you are a brewery in planning, you are no doubt in the process of prioritizing tasks; what has to be done now, what must be done in the near future and what can be done down the road a bit. Things like finding a space, obtaining all of the proper licensing/insurance and securing brewing […]

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The laws—they are (possibly) a-changin’

Written by Jackie Sudano

By Jackie Sudano On April 13, Governor Cuomo announced the findings of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABCL) Working Group, which had been assembled in November 2015 to take a hard look at the current ABC laws here in New York State and figure out how to make them work in our modern world. The […]

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Rain Water, Conservation and Beer!

Written by Rick Marx

Written by Richard Marx and Elaine Enfonde Craft brewers are becoming known as leaders in sustainability. Many of the ingredients used to create craft beer are based on local materials, especially the primary ingredient—water. New York State has an abundance of clean and affordable fresh water. Today, although it may seem that New York State has a copious […]

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Zoning Amendments Make Way for Farm to Pint Glass…

Written by Jesse Hiney

By Jesse Hiney The Town of Brookhaven and several other municipalities across the state have recently amended certain zoning provisions to authorize the brewing of beer, cider, wine and other spirits on farmland. The amendments approved by the Town of Brookhaven in February 2016 incentivize the use of locally grown (in this case, on-site) ingredients similar […]

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3 Important Insurance Considerations for Commercial Breweries

Written by Joe Gresia

by Joe Gresia How do you intend to interact with the general public? Will you offer brewery tours or have a tasting room? Both of these elements, while great for marketing and generating growth, come with their share of risk, and need to be considered when purchasing insurance. Fortunately, most general liability policies will cover […]

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Another employer violates the law for disciplining an employee over social media posts

Written by Joe Carello

By Joseph A. Carello In what is becoming a common theme for employers, an administrative law judge recently ruled that Chipotle violated the National Labor Relations Act after it disciplined and fired an employee for his social media posts. The employee, an hourly food prep and food service worker at a Chipotle location in Pennsylvania, posted […]

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Tasting Room Packaging – Are You Ready?

Written by Brendan Ryan

By Brendan Ryan The beauty of the spring season is finally upon us. I am sure that most of us in the industry would agree that with the improved weather, folks are more willing to embark on craft brewery tours. All of us would agree as members that Craft Beer tourism is an essential engine of […]

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