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Employment Law Developments for New York Brewers

Written by Christopher Gegwich

Needless to say, it is tough to be an employer in New York. The laws and legal requirements relating to the employer-employee relationship are constantly changing and it takes a lot to be compliant and up to date. Let’s see if we can help just a bit. The following is a list of recent amendments […]

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6 Insurance Concerns Every Brewer Needs to Address

Written by Matt Rowsell

by Matt Rowsell  There are many insurance companies that will entertain breweries large and small, but that does not mean that all policies are equal. In many cases, brewery insurance is a “square peg in a round hole”. Although insurance carriers will try to provide an all encompassing policy, all brewers should make sure that they […]

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Pint to Farm — Sustainable Tips for Craft Breweries

Written by Jesse Hiney

by Jesse Hiney My last blog focused on legislation aimed at reducing the hurdles to developing craft breweries and the “Farm to Pint” movement. This blog flips the script focusing on sustainability initiatives—Pint to Farm and other environmental means to reduce environmental impact. Sustainability is a theme often linked to craft breweries. Sourcing local ingredients […]

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Quality should be first and foremost in the brewer’s mind

Written by Peter Trabold

By Peter Trabold Have you ever had a spoiled beer? Luckily, I haven’t but I have had a spoiler cider. It was two years ago at a 4th of July party and I haven’t purchased another bottle of cider from them. With all of the other choices out there, I don’t need to purchase another […]

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Are you prepared for an increase in the salary requirements for exempt employees?

Written by Joe Carello

By Joseph A. Carello Like most employers, you likely employ a mix of employees who are overtime-eligible (non-exempt) and employees who are paid a salary regardless of the number of hours they work per week (exempt). In a move that has been estimated to make an additional 4.2 million employees eligible to receive overtime, the United States […]

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New York State: One Step Closer to ABC Reform

Written by Jackie Sudano

Governor Cuomo’s proposed bill to reform the New York State Alcoholic Beverage Code has officially passed the assembly as of Friday, June 17. The Senate previously passed the bill on Thursday, June 16, and it was delivered to the Assembly for approval. There it was substituted for Bill a10728 and passed by the Assembly. Since […]

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Sewage, Brewage – Wastewater used in brewing beer

Written by Alison Torbitt

By Alison Torbitt Wastewater reuse is becoming increasingly common for irrigation, dust suppression, industrial cooling, groundwater recharge… and now, for brewing. While there remains some significant regulatory hurdles (if not, state-wide prohibitions on selling), some innovative breweries are busy experimenting, using treated wastewater as a substitute for potable water. Water usage and wastewater disposal are […]

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Governor Cuomo announces legislation to modernize alcohol laws

Written by Isaac Figueras

On Wednesday, May 18, Governor Cuomo followed up on the recommendations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group by announcing new legislation to continue bolstering New York’s craft beverage industry by reworking parts of the Alcohol Beverage Control Law. The announcement was made from the Three Heads Brewery in Rochester, New York, a large-sized […]

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New Federal Law Increases Protections for Brewery Trade Secrets

Written by Chip Grieco

Trade secrets have become the lifeblood of just about every industry in the United States – including every sector of the beer industry, both large and small. So what exactly is a trade secret? It is the confidential and commercially valuable information that provides your company with a competitive advantage. Familiar examples of trade secret […]

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Make your brewery’s brand identity design a top priority

Written by Dailey Crafton

If you are a brewery in planning, you are no doubt in the process of prioritizing tasks; what has to be done now, what must be done in the near future and what can be done down the road a bit. Things like finding a space, obtaining all of the proper licensing/insurance and securing brewing […]

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